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The Makers

Szalay drGyöngy

- the 70’s - she’s a regular performer on literary programmes. /reader prizes/
- the 80’s - becomes artist /poem and prose category/. Beside continuing the preceding she has theatrical works. /editing and directing /
- from the 90’s she comes into the open with her fine arts works, she appears up to now with exhibitions. She makes a musical CD with Béla. Z. Nagy

Born: 1957, Balatonboglár, high-school /Fonyód/, university /Faculty of Political and Legal Sciences of the University of Pécs/, art studies: drawing, reciting poetry, speaking technique, singing.

Nagy Z. Béla

-the 80’s- Reflex band– Marosvásárhely (Transylvania)- winners on several festivals, tours, radio-recordings.
-1985-1990- Autostop band- Marosvásárhely- tours, an album, session musician in several bands.
- from the 90's - author of an album, plays in ad-hoc bands on different occasions and programmes, vernissages

Born: 1967, Marosvásárhely, high-school (Marosvásárhely), university (Technical University of Kolozsvár, Technical University of Budapest, Budapest University of Economic Sciences and Public Administration). Musical studies: classical guitar.