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The story of our company

Our company is a real micro-business company, signed by two of us.
Dr. Gyöngy Szalay, paintress and jurist.
Béla Nagy engineer-economist.

In the year of foundation /1997/ we dealt with arts and crafts above all. As a response to market changes we focused on unexploited segments of computer sciences, and oriented ourselves towards small and medium enterprises.
The change proved to be a good decision.
We realized to mix well our thorough grounding in law and information science with the practical experiences obtained in the commercial and artistic life.
Our goal is to accomplish the ideas of our costumers, in the spirit of flexibility and simplicity, having in sight a high professional standard, rapidity and accuracy.
Creation was always present in our company’s (and life’s) history and the complementary services and tasks are getting a more and more significant role lately.